“dafa大发体育官方平台继续繁荣, 年复一年, because we know nothing is more important than taking exceptional care of customers every single day, 所有品牌和所有业务线. This kind of success in the highly competitive mobility sector is a direct reflection of our corporate culture and deep-rooted spirit of service and innovation.” 

Chrissy Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer – dafa大发体育

成千上万大小不一的社区, 企业控股的网络高度可达,每小时提供服务, daily and weekly car 租金als as cost-effective and consumer-friendly modes of local transportation.

As a result, 企业租车, 国家汽车租赁 and 阿拉莫租车 customers are logging 数十亿英里 每年在世界各地. And many of those miles are driven locally in their very own communities and mostly in late-model, fuel-efficient vehicles – making local car 租金al one of the most effective and sustainable mobility options today.

事实上,成千上万的企业客户 租金 车辆定期, although they rely on mass transit during the week in large urban markets, or simply cannot afford to purchase or maintain a vehicle on their own. 许多消费者, 美国的企业和政府机构, Canada and the UK also rely on their local Enterprise network to deliver 技术的速度和灵活性是有意义的.

此外,企业通勤 中型客运共乘 programs address local as well as national needs by reducing traffic congestion, 停车需求和 碳排放, while providing commuters with a smarter, better way to get to work. 通勤与企业 also helps control annual transportation expenses by using volunteer drivers, 哪种方式比雇佣付费司机(比如 ride-hailing 公司).



“就像企业, 航行 understands that world-class fleet management is fundamental to the long-term success of autonomous fleets. Our partnership ensures that the 航行 team is able to focus on what they do best — developing autonomous technology and providing transportation services to community residents — without having to worry about acquiring and maintaining those vehicles.” 

Brice Adamson, Executive Vice President – 企业车队管理, 2018年6月    

dafa大发体育' fleet is well-positioned to quickly and efficiently introduce millions of consumers to new fuel and vehicle technology, 特别是交通基础设施和替代品, 包括自动车辆, 在未来发展. 因此,在2016年底,企业控股提交了 评论 on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) Federal Automated Vehicles Policy. 在其他方面, dafa大发体育 urged NHTSA to recognize the 租金al industry and fleet management operators as key stakeholders in the development of state and federal policies.

In 2018, 航行 – with a mission to serve communities with autonomous vehicles– also announced a (合作伙伴关系 及企业车队管理. 航行’s introduction of its second generation (G2) vehicle features its own autonomous driving technology as well as new best-in-class sensor technology.


企业控股及其附属公司, 企业车队管理, always look for new technological advancements in an ongoing effort to improve the overall 客户体验.

例如,企业车队管理 有工具 帮助客户提高生产效率, 降低总拥有成本, and stay up-to-date on industry trends and the latest fleet and vehicle technologies. 结果,该公司被认定为 信息周 100年“精英” for setting the bar on innovative and creative information technology (IT) programs that improve business operations.

汽车租赁, 企业LaunchPad移动平板电脑 are transforming transactions into customer interactions not only by streamlining and digitizing key steps in the administrative process, but also by providing real-time access to vehicle locations in our fleet.

These mobile tablets are specifically designed to move employees away from the counter, freeing them up to conduct the 租金al process w在这里ver customers need us – in locations ranging from a traditional car 租金al parking lot to a local dealership, 或者干脆去另一个地方. 此外, it is a situational awareness tool that addresses society’s growing demands for more seamless and accessible transportation options, and also represents the next evolution in Enterprise’s customer service legacy.

此外,当 自然灾害 罢工,企业 员工可能会带着移动平板电脑回家, which allows them to be quickly reassigned from their damaged branch offices to other locations. This state-of-the-art mobile technology also makes it easier to manage local demand when customer calls come into damaged branch offices and are forwarded to other operational sites.

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