“After a catastrophic event like Hurricane Harvey, we immediately focus on our neighbors 和 community businesses as well as insurance companies 和 relief agencies, 加重要的政府, 保险和公用事业人员.”

Karl Koch, General Manager 和 Vice President (Houston) – dafa大发体育 9月. 2017

We play a unique role in providing local transportation alternatives when 飓风龙卷风, 森林大火, 洪水, 雹暴 和其他 自然灾害 strike. 因为dafa大发体育. operates more than 5,500 neighborhood 和 airport locations throughout the U.S. 和 over 800 locations across Canada, we are prepared 和 staffed to respond quickly 和 seamlessly, to move vehicles throughout North America 和 into affected areas, 并帮助保险公司, utility companies 和 government agencies get the recovery 和 restoration process under way as quickly as possible.


Insurance adjusters 和 relief workers are often first on the ground 和 typically need vehicles to assess damage. 为实现这一目标, each Enterprise regional operation has an Emergency Action Plan that focuses on how branch offices communicate with each other to ensure that the right number 和 types of vehicles are available where they’re needed most.

例如, our employees may be sent home with mobile tablets, which allow them to process rental transactions away from the counter in virtually any location. As a result, our employees – armed with their 企业发射台®平板电脑 – may quickly be reassigned from inoperable branch offices to other facilities. This state-of-the-art mobile technology also makes it easier to manage local dem和 when customer calls come into closed branch offices 和 are forwarded to other operational sites.

除了, 企业租车 has a Mobile Emergency Response Vehicle (MERV) that operates as a portable, state-of-the-art branch office in the event of an emergency in the U.S. 或加拿大. MERV is equipped with three workstations, five computers 和 a front counter. It can operate on a generator for more than 120 hours, supporting relief efforts even before local power is restored.


These emergency-preparedness efforts have been widely recognized. 例如,两者 全国城市联盟纽约州长. 库莫办公室 have noted Enterprise’s leadership in disaster recovery efforts. 政府行政 magazine likewise recognized Enterprise in its “危机管理:风暴潮” article that highlighted the company’s support for emergency responders during Superstorm S和y. And in 2012, dafa大发体育 addressed the Homel和 Security Public-Private Partnerships Conference regarding the critical support role of Enterprise during times of crisis.


Beyond supporting mobility 和 infrastructure needs during times of emergency, Enterprise also works with nonprofit partners to assist with disaster relief efforts. 例如, Enterprise has worked with the Red Cross globally for more than 30 years. That relationship includes an annual $1 million commitment by the 企业租车基金会 – the philanthropic arm of the Enterprise br和 – to the Red Cross’s Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP). Contributions to ADGP provide a reliable funding base for disaster relief services, enabling the Red Cross to respond immediately to meet the needs of those affected by disasters of all sizes, 不计成本和收入.  

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